Dim Light Devil is…

the moniker for one-

Oliver James Graham.

(Special cameo appearance, on percussion — via collar shake — in this track by Oliver’s faithful canine Daughter- Rose)

A near life-long drummer, he’s always had a passion to learn other instruments. Speaking on his multi-instrumentalist status

“Firstly, I am no multi-instrumentalist. People go to school for that shit. I just pick up different things and make noise on them.

Secondly, I believe you have to let the Instrument learn you. Lessons and teachers, and everything else is fine, I guess, it’s just not for me. To me, it feels like a form of manipulation towards the Instrument. Respect it enough to know that it’s a living thing, and it will show you something new about itself when it trusts you, and definitely watch out for it when it falls in love with you. Your life will change forever”

Picking up a guitar at age twelve, his family endured what can only be described as ‘terrifying noise’, yet somehow they managed to keep their hands off his throat, that is until he matured into manhood and became one of the more difficult people to know, personally.

Having never taken a lesson on any instrument; this is what it means to let the instrument learn you. Like being dropped off in the middle of nowhere, and learning how to speak a new language; that’s how he looks at music and instruments; not really looking at all.

“It can be frustrating when you want to learn all the logistics behind something, but I just step back and know [hope] the instrument will reveal a new part of itself to me when I’m ready. I guess that’s where my faith lies. This appears to be the reasoning behind why recording music is so difficult for me”

Oliver has suffered from an over-active imagination his entire life, resulting in outlandish stories, songs about loss, hope, love, murder, faith-loss, among many others.It also comes with a massive anxiety disorder, episodes of mania, and agoraphobia.

“I suppose you can’t have my brain and have tons of friends; I don’t really get along with people. I take medication now, which has saved my life, along with my Dogs and my Wife. I don’t get lost when I drive down my street anymore, and I haven’t been afraid of going outside in a long time. I spent a long time over-medicated, and that’s nearly as bad. Even now it’s hard to have a long stretch of mental calm without some form of anxiety creeping up, but when it pushes, I push back. Finding the right medications and correct dosages is hard, but it’s worth it. As far as people go- when you’re simultaneously writing a story about a scorned lover and the torture methods taken to exact their revenge, and writing songs that sounds pretty, but can have some pretty serious or harsh lyrics [not all do, some are very beautiful in word as well as music], somewhere in between there, there’s  a place for relationships, but I’m too busy focusing on mending relationships with family to focus on being friends with the world. It’s true that if they don’t understand you, they’ll fear you , and they’re not going to like you, but to any kid out there struggling to face another day because of depression, anxiety, fear, whatever it may be: you’re smarter than the majority, you’re bigger than your fear, and one day you’ll have the life you want, the life you need, the life you deserve.

Now, he’s taking steps to push some of his creativity out into the world; outlining an album right now, as well as booking shows for when he’s got [some] vacation days, One can only hope that this is the beginning of a lot from him. A new breath from an old voice.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’ if you see this reclusive stranger around. He likes to talk, but he likes to listen even more.

He’s stepping out of his comfort zone; with some seriously dim light, and just a little bit of devil.

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